konsep asya THE CONCEPT
Experience the 70-hectare lakefront lifestyle, at your pleasure. ASYA offers a vibrant lake township concept with integrated facilities and infrastructure that will bring every resident’s dream home to reality, thus inspire us to be thankful in every aspect of our life. At ASYA, you can feel like you are appreciated and valued.

ASYA puts forward comfortability and tranquility for both the resident’s body and mind. ASYA is not just a place, but a community living with scenic lake, lush green areas and welcoming homes. We provide a secure and comfortable feeling the moment you set foot into the neighbourhood. ASYA is your place to unwind and to experience the serenity.

Cleverly designed around a series of parks and greeneries and stunning scenic lake in the centre of it all, ASYA is building a community that emphasises on you and your family’s peace of mind and well-being. The parks will also be the perfect spot for family weekends, with barbecue spots and children’s playground to explore. ASYA understands that a healthy body and a healthy mind equal to a happy family.

By presenting a scenic lake that acts as an ‘oasis’ in the heart of East Jakarta and multiple vast green spaces, creating a healthy and exceptional quality of life for both the residents and the environment. All of these special spaces are further enhanced with paths that connect you to the surrounding ASYA landscapes and amenities.

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